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CardCutz Global
Derek Skaggs

Love the cards and cardcutz

CardCutz Global
Richard Houpert

Add some more artists: I need some bridge sets

CardCutz Global
Josie Solari
Great Quality Cards

CardCutz has a great selection of designs, and all that I've bought have been excellent quality. This may be painful for others to read, but I carve up card decks into 3D art for fun and all the decks I've bought have come out beautiful! I actually debated about re-ordering or keeping some that I bought intact because they were so nice.

CardCutz Global
Tracy Schweitzer
Fantastic cards!

After ordering a deck of the VanGogh cards, seeing how well made and beautiful they are, I've decided to order the other two decks! Shipping was very fast, cards were packaged well, and I was very pleased with my order!

CardCutz Global
Kyle Phillips
This is my new go-to company for playing cards!!!

I've only made a couple of purchases, accruing around 30 decks in total but there's no doubt in my mind that Cardcutz changes the game. Amazing selection, reasonable prices, great shipping speeds and new arrivals all the time will keep me coming back again and again!


CardCutz is an amazing company! They have addictive merchandise, their site is user friendly and super nice, their products are original and their staff is super couteous and professional. I would recommend them to all card enthusiasts and magicians alike. They also offer tutorials for cardistry and magicians. Definitely, best bang for your buck! 2 huge thumps up for CardCutz!

CardCutz Global
Mark Farr
Better than they look

I originally dismissed this deck as a gimmick, released to cash in on the hype surrounding the franchise. I should have known better, given the brand (Ellusionist).

They are something special. The box has the effect of being covered in water droplets and the slashed back is pretty cool. The box has a flip top, reminiscent of cigarette boxes, that really seems to suit the deck.

The only thing I would have liked to be different is if they had used the card back on one of the ad/gaff cards for the deck itself. It looks way nicer, in my opinion.

Okay, and maybe if they were printed by USPCC instead of Cartamundi but you can’t have everything!

CardCutz Global

These playing cards are absolutely gorgeous. Great for flourishes, magic and more. They are traditionally cut and faro perfectly straight out of the box. I would give them a 9/10. The faces are beautiful but a little odd. Definitely get them!

CardCutz Global
Paul Wainwright
TALLY HO Olive Edition

Im no expert but beautiful cards and great service

That's great Paul. Thanks for the review.

Clean design with an awesome fan

Absolutely loved the Orbits when I first purchaed them so I had to buy more.
Super well designed deck and really great feeling cards.
The back design makes for an awesome fan ontop of looking real clean.
The deck comes with a double backer and card multiple which is great for magic tricks.

Hey Julian,

Glad you're enjoying your Orbits - they are great cards! We look forward to serving you again soon.

CardCutz Global
Darryn Barnett
Flying dog Ralph Steadman Art cards

Great quality service, awesome product, Will be keeping an eye out for more collectable cards.

Lovely Design

I love these cards, OPC always produce the best.

great product

exactly what I wanted

Thanks for your review. The Shuffle Pads are great!

CardCutz Global
Geoffrey Maclean
Bee Playing cards

Excellent quality.

Glad you're enjoying your decks! Thanks for the review.

CardCutz Global
Bryn Clapp
Standards Black and Red are a stunning set of playing cards

Just love these cards. Beautifully detailed and crafted, and a perfect addition for any Playing Card collector, or magic performer.

Awesome design

The design and colours of these cards are incredible. The attention to detail in the face cards is great in particular! They also feel great for cardistry. Fans, springs and flourishes look and feel great.

Awsome deck

Fun deck to mess with family and friends

CardCutz Global
Lachlan McLeod
Monarchs, Mandarin Edition

Every package I recieved from cardcutz comes very quickly even during lockdown which is incredible! Everything is packaged to the highest standard and the products are all flawless. Easiest 5-star review I've ever given.

Thanks for the great review, Lachlan! We look forward to serving you again in the future!

CardCutz Global
Charlie Page
666 Playing Cards

Fantastic. Swift delivery 😊

Thanks for your review, Charlie! Enjoy your 666 deck.

CardCutz Global
Mark Farr
Tobias Levin, ‘nuff said

The Anyone brand, like Fontaine, generates a fair bit of hype. Both are arguably overpriced, definitely so if you’re a pragmatist, looking for cards to fulfil their purpose and not concerned with hype. They are good cards but, for me, it’s all about their connection to Tobias Levin. I wanted some Anyone cards in my collection and the Black Logo appealed most to me for its simplicity and for being, well, black.

CardCutz Global
Mark Farr
It’s dealersgrip!

I bought these purely because they are a dealersgrip deck and Oliver Sogard is just so inspirational. They are great cards (USPCC premium crushed stock) and I do like that the card backs are symmetrical but, really, I got these as a collector. The design doesn’t appeal to me and I have better choices for everyday use but, as a hobby cardist with a growing addiction to collecting, I had to have some dealersgrip decks in my collection.

CardCutz Global
Mark Farr
For the collector

There’s no denying the impact Jaspas Deck has had on cardistry. I purchased this deck because I have the original NDO Broken Borders deck in my collection. I love the yellow and black danger/construction look of the original edition and want to have all the editions, so buying this was a must. The card stock does not suit me (it’s too thick) but they look great and I am pleased to have them in my collection.

Best Place Ever

If you are considering buying from Card Cutz I would totally recommend it shipping is extremely fast and even through the virus it is still amazing quality of shipping speed. This is my first time buying from this place but most definitely will not be the last already thinking about buying some new OPC decks and Fontaine and throwing cards. Definitely buy from this place I would most definitely recommend it.

Hey Chris! Glad you enjoyed shopping with us! OPC decks and Fontaine's are great; I'm sure you'll love them.

We look forward to serving you again in the future.


great quality

Excellent quality. Great work as usual CardCutz team.

Awesome! Thanks for the review GaVinci.

CardCutz Global
Mark Farr

After getting the Strawberry Snackers and being very pleased with them, I knew I’d pick up any more in the series. I was not disappointed with these. I love that they kept the resealable packet in the same style and with the same dimensions, making them look great next to each other, a true set. You get a sticker with these, as with the Strawberry version.

All my favourite handling decks are produced by the USPCC, as are these, so they are great to play with too!